when you upload a photo on instagram and it gets no likes within 10 minutes


Leeds Festival, 8/28/2004


ppl still shit talking american idiot and green day after 10 years bitch u sittin there on your computer complainin while the members of green day are still rolling in the money they made and are still making from that album bye


Green Day discography part 2 (insp)


Green Day discography part 1 (insp)


If you tell a someone w boobs that they need to buy a shirt/dress that covers up their bra chances are you need to buy some pants to cover up your diaper because you are a massive whiny piss baby

School: no shoulder-revealing shirts
Student: why?
School: you might ferociously anal fist each other in the hallway


ten years of american idiot

I  bought it in spring 2005 and for me, that’s the album everything began with. not only green day wise but music-wise. of course, there were other CDs before but AI felt special, bigger. at the beginnig, I couldn’t really understand it even though I liked the singles. after some time I liked it more and more until it became my favorite album. also my interest in punk rock grew and everything I listened to in the last 9 years had something in common with this album. angry stuff, funny stuff, slower stuff, pop and some big ass rock n roll.

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