everyone criticises kanye west for being “too overly confident in himself” (he has every right to be) but act like it’s totally cool when robert downey jr acts like a massive self absorbed dick… hmmm i wonder why that could POSSIBLY be

i kinda didnt feel like going out today and i made an excuse to my friend like “oh i have to make a map of london for class” and now he keeps asking me about it and how much more i have to do and HE WANTS ME TO SEND HIM A PICTURE OF IT AND IM MAD AT HIM JUST LET ME LIE TO YOU IN PEACE


Whoa there! The infamoues Tre Cool of Green Day was spotted at the Fullerton show last week!!! From what I hear he’s been a fan for a while and is good friends with fellow drummer Jimmy Boom. (But damnit Tre, why don’t I ever see you at a bay show!!??)


yelyah_slay asked: My Chemical Romance or Green Day 

Green Day // Know Your Enemy (x)

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