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can y’all believe we are alive in david bowie’s lifetime like how cool is that

billie joe armstrong + beanies

June 1, 2013 | Emirates Stadium, London


 Carl Hagelin: 6th round of the 2007 NHL Entry Draft 

Henrik Lundqvist: 7th round of the 2000 NHL Entry Draft

Martin St. Louis: Undrafted

Mats Zuccarello: Undrafted 

Dan Girardi: Undrafted

Dan Boyle: Undrafted

Its kind of amazing to me that so many of the best players of the present day New York Rangers were drafted late or not even drafted at all. To me, this serves as a form of encouragement. Just because no one believes in you, doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to be believed in. If you have a dream, you should go out there and take it - no matter what other people think.

"Before the game, some guys get psyched up with music while others get it from the chanting of the crowd. Some get it from listening to the coach’s pep talk and some listen to nothing at all. There is only one sound that gets me fired up… the voice of every person who said I was too small to make it." - Martin St. Louis, 2006 Nike Bauer commercial. 


If i die on the drive back to uni today at least I’ll leave a nice corpse

924 gilman st, Berkley 
Barclays Center,April 7th, 2013
Scan from Rolling Stone Argentina
Billie Joe Armstrong - Green Day  Rock im Park 2013
Soundwave Adelaide, 1/3/2013
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